Send your analog photo and participate in the first edition of FINEGRAIN SELECTED (35mm edition)

August 16, 2017

There is no point in talking about analog photography if it is not displayed. In recent years, many new hobbyists in chemical photography have proliferated that are not yet well known, and have much to show.

That's why we decided to create the first edition of Finegrain Selected, this time in 35mm version but we hope to launch also in medium format and instant photography.

If you want to show your work and participate in this project, you just have to fill out our form and upload your photograph in 35mm, besides giving us some information about the camera used and the type of film you have used.

Of all the photographs sent we will select 10 and we will publish it next to the author's name and the information of the photograph, besides their networks of contact so that you can see the rest of his work.

If you are not selected in the first edition, you do not need to send the same image again, as you will continue in our database for subsequent editions. You can send unlimited images in different forms, although we will only select one photo per author and edition.

We look forward to seeing your work! Click here to send your photos:

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