Confirmed: Agfa Vista 200 and 400 will be discontinued

March 10, 2018

After a few months of theories and rumors, it has finally been confirmed that AgfaPhoto will stop manufacturing the Vista 200 and Vista 400 emulsions. This means that in the brand's catalog there is no reference in negative color, keeping only Precise 100 - the slide manufactured by Fujifilm- and the two black and white APX emulsions, which are also kept in the catalog, for the time being.

This has been confirmed to Macodirect, the reference company for the sale of analog products, although no further details have been offered nor has any release of the brand itself been published. The American giant of photography B & H Photo and Video has also deactivated the sale of these products, in addition to the model of disposable camera that AgfaPhoto kept in catalog.

This farewell is not surprising, since it was highly known that the film AgfaPhoto was actually made by Fujifilm, the same one that announced a few months ago that it would stop making a large part of its negative color catalog. This factory also provided the material that AgfaPhoto then packaged and distributed with its brand, at much lower prices than Fujifilm.

The question now is whether this way AgfaPhoto -which we remember is a brand of the original European company Agfa-Gevaert- is definitively dismissed from the sale of negative film in color or if, once the stock of this emulsion is finished, they will surprise us with the launch of a new one made by themselves - let us remember that Agfa-Gevaert is currently making a black-and-white film in Europe - or ordered from another third company.

We will continue informing!

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