Fujifilm announces new Instax Square cameras

May 02, 2018

Although it has been rumored since they launched the Instax SQ10 almost a year ago, today we have learned that Fujifilm will finally put on sale an instant camera with the capacity to shoot square film in 100% analog format.

It is the first Fujifilm camera that allows this to be done, since the SQ10 model was fully digital and it was simply a digital camera and a printer incorporated in the same device.

The new camera, whose official name is Instax SQ6, has characteristics of 12f maximum aperture diaphragm, the ability to make multiple exposures and color flash filters to dye photographs with up to three different colors.

In addition, it will be available in 3 colors: metallic rose, metallic gray and silver.
At the moment there are no data on the release date or the price it will have, but seeing the dossier that has been leaked, where they do not skimp on details and presentation mode more commercial than technical, it could be an imminent release.
In addition, the Japanese giant has announced that it will release new Instax Square movie. We are writing a separate post to address this issue.

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