The paranormal event of an artist with his instant camera that has become viral in Twitter

August 17, 2017

Adam Ellis, a successful illustrator who has almost a million followers on Instagram and more than 150,000 on Twitter, thought buying an instant camera would be a good idea, until he noticed that something weird happened: when I took pictures of his aisle, there would be light Or not, use flash or do not use it, the pictures came out black, while in another place of the house with exactly the same situation of light, the photographs were revealed perfectly.

The artist has explained with hair and signs the whole event by means of a thread of Twitter:

The artist has also uploaded a video showing how he takes a photograph of the place, one from the interior of the apartment (which reveals itself perfectly exposed) and another from the corridor, which turns black again:
This is the video in which you see how the photo shoots from the corridor with the same flash and almost the same situation of light as the interior of the apartment, and that reveals black, again:
The camera that he uses is the Instax 9, the latest model of Fujifilm in this type of instant cameras with film type Mini, although both the lens and its general design are practically the same as the Instax 8, as only changes what is added A mirror for selfies and that is available in new colors. For now, there are a thousand theories of what may be happening, but all more related to science fiction than to rational logic. We will be waiting.

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