My trip to the Black Forest shoot in Polaroids with the Polaroid Supercolor 1000

August 15, 2017

When a few years ago appeared in a corner the old Polaroid camera of my grandfather, poorly used by him and practically obnoxious to oblivion among the dust, nothing presaged that a time later would end not only re-photographing, but traveling through the world.

In this case, and taking advantage of a family trip to the Black Forest - the wooded areas between Germany from Switzerland - I decided to invest in a couple of cartridges The Impossible Project - remember that the prohibitive prices of the brand make practically buy a couple of cartridges it supposes to you make a hole in your budget to face this purchase - and pray because each shot was worth it and that most of the leaves were good pictures.

I can say that I got it. Of 16 shots available, 12 of them were successful. This is 75% of the film taken advantage of, and considering that the Impossible emulsions - still in the testing phase for the most part - tend to play badly with exposure, I can not complain. Here I attach a selection of those shots that I liked, although there are a couple of them that, although they came out well I am not convinced enough to add them.

I hope you like them!

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