The Keith Haring x The Impossible Project's special edition is now SOLD OUT worldwide

August 13, 2017

Just a month after its release, the special film edition for Polaroid launched by The Impossible Project in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation is already sold out in both the US and European stores.

This does not mean, however, that it is impossible to get hold of it, but it is an indicator that we must do it as soon as possible, because being sold out in the official manufacturer's store, everything seems to indicate that when they are sold in the different online stores they still have it in stock, there will be no possibility of them being replaced.

Seldom has this happened in the official online store of The Impossible Project, to the point that emulsions also "special edition" released years ago are still available in the official store despite its seniority. We have no news of whether they will replace units of the film sold out or if, therefore, it is confirmed that "special edition" is synonymous of "limited edition" and we will have to deal with the units available in retail stores. We will be attentive to any new information!

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