Silberra launches an sticker to create custom DX codes

February 12, 2018

The Silberra brand has returned stomping. And not only has he done it again making black and white film, but he is also announcing new very interesting products for the analog industry.

The new product is a simple but important element for all those who enjoy forcing reels at an ISO sensitivity different to that recommended by the manufacturer or for all those who manufacture their own rolls using film in a coil: a metal adhesive with non-conductive quadrants .

Its use is very simple: simply stick on top of the DX code of the reel that we want to force and take off the squares that we want the electricity to conduct, according to the ISO sensitivity that we want the camera to recognize for that roll of film.

Although they have not announced their price or release date, everything seems to indicate that "very soon", as they have said in their press release, we will have another little help that will make our work easier when shooting 35mm.

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