The Instax phenomenon: almost 7 million cameras sold in a year and the factory can't hold the high demand

November 16, 2017

Although they tend to be very suspicious of sales and collection data, Fujifilm has taken to heart and reveals the astronomical figures that revolve around its Instax range of cameras and spare parts, and the figures are scary, for good.

It was a few weeks ago, in the presentation of the Instax printer in square format, when Instax broke down some pretty juicy figures: "Cheki - the name in Japanese of Instax cameras - has influenced the lifestyle of customers and, since its launch in 1998, the total sales of cameras amount to about 25 million units, last year 6.6 million were sold, the year in which they have sold the most in its history, during fiscal year 2017 we expect to sell approximately another 7.5 million units. "

To get an idea: in 2004, the year in which analog photography in general was still the order of the day and running at full capacity, Fujifilm only sold 100,000 Instax cameras worldwide. That figure, in 2015, was five million.

It is also surprising to note that that same year, Fujifilm sold only 1.4 million digital cameras.

There are many types of Instax cameras on the market. From Hello Kitty models to film from different franchises, such as Star Wars, Comics, Candy Pop, rainbow design, colors for all tastes and much more. The problem: a Fujifilm executive recently admitted that the factory can not cope with so much demand, and that they are having some stock problems with some products.

This excessive demand could be the reason why Fujifilm is delaying the launch of Instax SQ completely analogue, from which images have been leaked for months but nothing has been known about it, and that has served to Lomography will take advantage of the moment and launch your own instant camera with square Instax movie.

It seems to be a fact that instant photography is booming, although the analog in film reels seems to just stay. Proof of this is that Kodak has suffered losses this year and Fujifilm has once again announced that it will stop selling some reels in packs, leaving only the editions of loose units for the future for sale.

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