Ektachrome is already being tested and Kodak shows us the process in photos

November 16, 2017

Eleven months ago they announced it and it seemed that it would never come, but finally it has: Kodak has brought back the legendary film Ektachrome, the slide of contained colors that delighted photographers from around the world during much of the Century XX and until its disappearance, in 2013, when Kodak stopped making it in full crisis of the film.

As promised, the new emulsion seems to be ready - although until now they have only used the term "in evidence" - and this could mean that manufacturing could begin imminently.

We've found out thanks to Kodak's official Instagram profile, where through the Stories we've seen a couple of videos of the place where the "test" of the first emulsion sheet of the new Ektachrome -which has been reformulated to adapt to the current environmental standards- and where they have uploaded these photos showing the process and the place of testing:

The publication of the photographs was accompanied by a brief statement informing us a bit of what the photos show:

The film factory team has been working hard for the past year to bring back Ektachrome. His work has been put to the test with the first panoramic film emulsion roll. It's hard to explain what it's like for us at Kodak to see this kind of movie stumbling around the factory again. But we know that all of you feel it too.
Here are a few pictures from that day, some of them even taken in Ektachrome film produced in this same building before 2013. We look forward to seeing again what you are able to create with the wonderful colors of Ektachrome. #EktachromeIsBack

According to the latest releases of the brand, it is expected that they will produce a few more test runs of Ektachrome and that their final arrival in stores will take place at the beginning of 2018. We will continue reporting!

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