Silberra will make analog film again and they need your help

November 23, 2017

Silberra is another one of those brands "of all the life" that survived of the best possible form to the crisis of the film, but with some losses by the way. One of them is that he had to stop making film, keeping in his catalog only photographic paper and chemicals for development, as well as other laboratory material. Until today.

The Russian brand has announced that it intends to build a small film factory and for this has launched a campaign on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform with which they intend to raise funds to build the factory.

The rewards, of course, are produced in the form of rolls of newly manufactured film, and the good news is that even in the case of a fundraising campaign, the price of the film is really affordable, at the level of the market price. An example of this is that we can choose a reward of 15 dollars and in return receive two rolls of film -when it is manufactured, obviously- and have also contributed to the analogical photography remains more present than ever in the future.

You can buy your film and help Silberra to continue growing by collaborating with the campaign.

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