A photographer portrays her friends in the year 2000 and in 2017

November 21, 2017
Physical changes, in fashion and even in the environment are more than evident when comparing one photo with the other.

The time passes at a speed that seems amazing, and proof of this is the work of Josephine Sittenfeld, an American photographer who has wanted to capture that passage of time using her friends as models.

"Reunion", as it is called the photographic series that has been published on its website, shows us photographs of the same people between the year 2000 and 2017.

The idea, however, was not premeditated. In 2000, when she was a junior at Princeton University, she portrayed her friends with a half-size analog camera, and the pictures were left in a closet in her parents' house. 15 years later he reunited with them and decided that in the meeting they were going to make to reconnect with their friends of the time, he would recreate them again.

"At twenty, I felt something intangible, indescribable, full of energy," says one of the photographer's friends. "Only now I can describe it, the definitive sensation of a life ahead."

It is more than evident that times have changed. The contents and bright colors of the analog technique have been replaced by the common digital colors we see today. Some faces have aged, others have even seemed to rejuvenate. The environment has changed and technology - as we see in cars - has advanced, affecting the design and the environment.

A clear sign that time passes for everything and everyone.

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