Goodbye to Agfa CT Precisa?

September 06, 2018

A few months ago we knew that AgfaPhoto would stop selling the negative film in color Vista, actually made by Fuji, and in its catalog only the line of black and white films and color slide was maintained (also made by Fuji, while that monochromatic is signed by a European manufacturer).

Today it seems that something has changed again, and not for the better. The official website of the parent company of AgfaPhoto (Lupus Imaging & Media) has updated its product catalog and, to our surprise, has also disappeared from the list of films that distribute the already classic slide Agfa CT Precisa, remaining in its catalog of only its APX monochrome line in 100 and 400 ISO. We have contacted the company to confirm if the fact that it does not appear on the web means that they stop manufacturing it or if it is due to some other particular reason, but we still have not received a response.

It should be remembered that the manufacturer of all products that have disappeared from the Agfa website were originally manufactured by Fujifilm, a company that has gradually been phasing out analogue products to the point where its own customers have started calling them "FujiNOTfilm", for what would be logical that they have also stopped providing film slide to Agfa, and would be a preview of an upcoming discontinuation of Provia 100, the original Fuji brand of this slide, sold under two names and two different companies.

If it is true that the Agfa CT Precisa is destined to disappear, there would only be one active manufacturer of slide film: Fujifilm, although there are rumors that the Japanese giant has stopped making film for years and only sells the manufactured stocks, there that now that the demand is greater, they begin to run out of reserves.

The only hope? Kodak and his - it seems that - imminent launch of the legendary Ektachrome, reformulated and adapted to our times.

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