Ektachrome will be launched to the commercial market before April

January 08, 2018

Today is exactly one year since Kodak announced that it would bring back to the world market the legendary slide film Ektachrome, the emulsion that delighted photographers from around the world during the twentieth century and part of the XXI, until in 2012 Kodak decided stop making it

After months of absolute silence, at the end of November Kodak showed us a handful of images of the technicians testing the first cuts of the emulsion and left us a podcast with information that invited optimism: the formula had been satisfactorily made (due to environmental issues certain chemical components of the original Ektachrome that could not be used in the new version) and announced that "in 2018" would be officially launched.

Well, thanks to a message that we launched from the profile of Finegrain on Twitter, we have been able to know that this release will occur sometime between now and March 31, since Kodak has confirmed that the movie will be released "at some point "of the first quarter of the year.

This means that in less than 100 days we could once again have a historical emulsion back in our hands. Ready to capture the best moments of 2018. Will you buy a roll?

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