Kodak has not yet started manufacturing Ektachrome, with two months remaining until the official launch

September 27, 2017

It was one of the great announcements in the field of analog photography at the beginning of the year: Kodak, after failing to make it at the end of 2012, was back on the slide and announced the return of Ektachrome, his mythical film slide with the Who decades ago topped the market with his sister Kodachrome.

However, the plans of the American giant do not seem to go as well as they expected, since it seems that with less than a month to enter the fourth quarter of the year (period of time in which they announced that it would be launched), Kodak Alaris Has not yet begun to manufacture it, but apparently still do not have even the chemical formula with which it will be composed.

This has made it known a few hours ago the official Twitter profile of Kodak to a follower who asked them if they had more details about the imminent launch of Ektachrome:

As we said, this confirms that Kodak still does not have the formula with which to start work. It is not new that reformulating and making a slide is not an easy task and it takes time, but remember that Kodak stopped making the emulsion in December 2012 (practically in 2013 already). Have environmental standards changed so much in four years as to have to completely reformulate it?

How long does it take Kodak to make those adjustments? (Remember that they have been working on it for exactly 8 months, if they did not start working before making the announcement of their return) Could this be one of the Kodak ads that finally fall on deaf ears? Recall that its new analog camcorder, the Super 8 announced two years ago, has not gone on sale, nor is there a release date, although it has been presented at countless fairs and stands of the brand.

We will remain attentive to any data that the brand offers on this expected return.

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